It’s in our nature.


Wholesale produce for NYC—locally grown, globally sourced.

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Our story

In 1903, a young boy from Austria named Daniel Nathel sold his first piece of produce off a pushcart in New York City. He was just eight years old, but already hungry to make the American Dream come true for his family.

While our pushcart may have changed since then, our passion to provide the highest quality produce has only grown.

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Melons from the valleys of California. Apples from the Pacific Northwest. Grapes from South America. From family farms around the world, we source only the very best mother nature has to offer.

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“A real competitive advantage in any business is the people, and we have the best.”  

- Ira Nathel


We are proud to provide daily produce donations to Little Sisters of the Poor in the Bronx, Queens, and Totowa, NJ locations.