In 1903, Daniel Nathel sold his first piece of produce in New York City. It was the same year the Wright Brothers took to the sky. And just like that first flight launched generations of innovation, so too did Daniel’s first sale. After a little over a decade in business, Daniel expanded one pushcart to 20, and in 1922 pioneered the first Jewish produce firm at the market.

Now, after three generations of growth and cultivation, what Daniel began over a century ago lives on in his grandsons Ira and Sheldon. Alongside hundreds of employees, they oversee Nathel & Nathel, Nathel International and Nathel Organics, working everyday to provide local, global, traditional and organic produce throughout the Tri-State area.


In 2010, nearly a century after their grandfather Daniel started the company with a network of pushcarts, Nathel International was formally established.

Today, Nathel International operates as an importer and exporter supplying retailers and wholesalers worldwide with apples, berries, citrus, grapes and more.  We have offices in the USA, Chili, Peru and Argentina as well as local inspectors in Washington State and California. Our in-depth understanding of all aspects of the business makes Nathel International unique among exporters.



Our customers enjoy a complete retail sales support staff of experts, who can help with everything from seasonal displays to educating your in-store staff on the trends of the season. All of which is aimed at one thing—ensuring your business continues to grow and thrive year round, without ever sacrificing the quality that’s most important to you and your customers.


Quality is in our nature, and that naturally extends to our facilities. With the recent addition of Nathel Organics to the family, we have renovated our facilities to include brand new warehouses and refrigeration units to accommodate the growing the demand. In 2001, Ira and Sheldon made a decision to start operating on a global scale. Together they cultivated relationships with international growers and soon new products were coming into New York.

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